Another What Shall I Wear Post!

A few days ago I asked you what i should wear to an afternoon at the The Ritz (juries still out on that one) but I get asked a LOT, what should my child wear for a photoshoot? Now on the whole I have the perfect answer to that which is let me decide. uI have a plethora of handmade one off vintage items that we can play dress up with and my clothing rails are bursting at the seems with options.


But, some people still like to add a bit of their own flavour to a session which is absolutely fine too.
I love frills, frills and bows and beautiful fabrics. Which is great when you know lovely lady in the industry. Dressing up my own two daughters is a thrill and I love to see them adorned with layers of tulle and lace and all these textures work fabulously on a photoshoot.

A friend of mine as i mentioned runs the amazing boutique that is Baby Bonitos. Inside there is an Aladdin's cave of baby and children clothes bursting to the seems with gorgeous floral fabrics, and beautiful lace and satin embellishments. Their clothing choices are perfection when placed next to my hand selected vintage one off props.

Have a look thorough their amazing Facebook page for lots of ideas. If you are ever in doubt as to what to dress your little ones in for a session just get in touch. If you have a vision we will try and find the best way, but trust me, I always have a vision!

Welcome to the Studio

So, you've been coming here to my lovely blog for a while, isn't it about time I invited you inside for a poke around and a cuppa? Well the kettles on so come in, make yourself comfy and grab a biscuit. I'd love to show you around one of my favourite spaces on earth. My studio!

So I moved into my current space in January 2016. In November 2016 it was not half as pretty. My family helped me turn it from a very uninviting space to a tranquil and peaceful haven in the heart of Goral village. A jewell in the crown if you will. I love Goral, its where I was born and bred and I was super happy to acquire a space right in the centre of it.

Here is a little video taken last year of me at work but shows my beautiful workspace. I'd absolutely love for you to come experience it for yourself.

My Camera Family Tree

I take a lot of photos! No brainer right?

So every now and again my camera just about wears out and I have to buy a new one to keep everything super ship shape and Bristol fashion. HAVE to!!! (and ok a teeny weeny bit want to, I admit it, there I said it, my names Emma and I'm a cameraholic)

When I looked back recent at the different cameras I have owned, some I don't have anymore, some are upgraded versions of ones that were broken and replaced, I could see my camera collection looked like a little family tree of photographic equipment.

Some cameras and lenses I'd bought at a set, some I'd bought separately and used on various models. But it reminded me of when I bought my very first proper big girl camera. My trusty Canon 400D. An elderly relative in the family had sadly passed away and a small sum of money came my way. I wanted to use it for something that would make a difference to my family life. I had just had my first son and although at the time a few hundred pounds was silly huge amounts of money to me I decided that having a good camera to document the life of my child was going to benefit my family. Little did I know what buying that first DSLR camera would lead on to.

My son is 10 years old now, soon to be 11 and my camera collection has progressed somewhat through taking that first entry level camera and becoming a business owner. Now my son is less willing to be photographed. In fact he is rather reminiscent of that famous Harry Enfield teenager sketch! But I have those precious memories and have been blessed enough to build a future for my family out of it too!

Photographs are precious, don't forget to always shoot the little things, the boring, the funny, the milestones...the lot!!


Off To The Ritz!

In February this year it was my best friends 40th birthday. Now She won't mind me telling you that because she is one of those people that still get asked for ID due to her youthful good looks. Rachael is definitely the royalty of the group, not only does she resemble Kate Middleton, but she is the classy one. If we were spice girls, she'd be Posh. When I visit her, we sit in the garden room in the west wing. Thats us in the photo above, taken at Dunsley Hall where we went for afternoon tea also! So as a group of friends we decided there was no better choice of gift for our beloved Rachael than a voucher for afternoon tea at The Ritz

Me being the best possible friend I can be of course offered to go with er, I wouldn't want her facing this alone now would I? Due to our busy schedules, the soonest we could schedule it in for was July and we will be heading to the Big Smoke next week to sample the delights of afternoon tea in the luxurious surroundings of the world famous hotel. I cant wait.

Except......I have nothing to wear. Now I hear you saying, as a photographer that has photographed many a wedding in the pas at grand venues you must have a plethora of posh suitable outfits. Alas, no. I am outfitless. So I of course have turned to internet shopping to find ideas for such an occasion. Here is my shortlist:

The Maxi Dress:

This gorgeous offering is from Debenhams as a maxi dress is a firm favourite of mine, comfortable, flattering and a lovely on trend pattern.

Or theres the Silk Blouse option:

This piece i from Phase Eight  and again would be stylish and practical for a day in London teamed with a pair of smart black trousers.

I just cannot decide! But I have a few more shopping days to go so who knows what I will find. I ill be back next week to update you on our trip to the most elegant afternoon tea I've ever had! Such fun!

Cake Smash Photographer, Dudley, West Midlands

It's been a whole year. You've made it. You got through and you have probably slept at least a couple of times this week. Now those newborn days are a fond memory and running out of breast pads type worries are replaced with baby proofing the fireplace worries. Everything has a lock on it...even the toilet. Anything you have ever valued in your entire life is now reachable at waist height, the trouble is you spend 95% of your waking hours crawling around the floor following the pint sized jungle explorer that is now leading a revolution round the carpet. There are no sharp corners none.....not anywhere and there isn't a door in the house that doesn't have a gate on it. No food you ever eat from dawn till dusk is your own, it must be shared and going to the toilet lone is a thing of the past.

But still you celebrate cos you made it through a whole year. She is alive, you are alive! Yay! So now a whole new level of fun has begun what better way to celebrate it than undoing all that hard work you have done in stopping your little bundle from launching their lunch off the high chair in repetitive military style, than sitting them infant of a giant cake and asking them the obliterate it.


Hehe...really and truly it is one of the cutest and most fun things you can do with a one year old and its is one of my favourite kind of photoshoots. get to make a s much mess as you like and I get to clean it up! Winner!

The moment this beautiful little girl arrived she was smiles galore and doesn't it just show. Im so glad we got to capture this wonderful time in a gorgeous little ladies life...even if it is only so mummy can tease her on her wedding day with those precious little chubby cheeks and a face full of cake!


And don't get me started on the cuteness that unfolded during her splash time session! Such fun!


If you would like to book in for a cake smash and would like it to coincide with your littleness birthday or nearby date then get in touch at least 6-8 weeks before to guarantee the required date.


Coronation Street Baby Loss Awareness

Tonights episode of Coronation Street portrayed Kym Marsh heroic portrayal of a couple experiencing baby loss. Its an honour to be associated with the wonderful organisation Remember My Baby that reaches out to families going through this terrible situation in their lives to support them at such an awful time. Remember My Baby is a UK charity that, through the support of volunteer professional photographers, offers free remembrance photography to bereaved families who have lost a baby before, during or shortly after birth.

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of


The founders and volunteers work tirelessly every day of the year to be there for families that will never take their precious bundle home from the hospital but give the gift of photographs as a tangible memory of their child.

Please, I'm not asking for a financial contribution, its a charity that runs on very little funding, what I'm asking is that you share this website so that no family has to go home without photographs of their baby, without family photos of them with their baby, without photographs of all their children together if that is the desire their heart.

Thank you



Award Winning Photographer Emma Sealey Photography Dudley West Midlands

One of my personal goals has always been to continually expand my skills and gain recognition in my industry, mainly just to prove it to myself. I was over the moon this year to gain this recognition from some huge photographic societies through their monthly competitions that run throughout the year in which your images are scrutinised against some of the the countries leading photographers, by other leading photographers and experts.


I have joined several societies and organisations over the years that help me keep my skills and my knowledge both in photography and safety in tip top shape and help me to learn new techniques and keep up with contemporary styles.

It is with absolute glee I can share with you some of the images that gained recognition this year.

Here are some of my images that scored professionally graded and highly commended awards:

A huge thank you to the judges for considering my images but most of all a big thank you to my wonderful clients without who, none of this would be possible. I look forward to entering more this year.

Emma Sealey Newborn Photography Specialist and Fine Art Photographer Dudley West Midlands

Ive never been the type to push myself forward or shout about my talents but I want to make a change in 2017 and really and truly believe in myself. So Im sharing my page with you so you can all see just how I can help you capture the important times on your life and treasure the forever in tangible art work.

Not everyone gets newborn photography, until they see it. Until they see those gorgeously detailed images that show those perfect eyelashes, that gorgeous velvety skin and those scrumptious baby wrinkles. The tiny toes and itsy bitsy fingers.

But, its not just that....its remembering how you felt the minute you held her, how bewildered you felt the first time you bought him home and thought "how on earth do you do is?", the first time they made that little sound they make when they cant quite cry yet, they way they instinctively hold onto your finger as they feed......they are all the precious moments that will come to mind in 5 or 10 years time when you look at your newborn images.

So if you've just had a baby or are expecting a baby, get in touch...its not as expensive or hard work as you think...I do all the work for you, you just get a couple of hours to sit down and relax (and believe me thats worth it!)

I promise you'll never ever regret it xxx