Emma Sealey Newborn Photography Specialist and Fine Art Photographer Dudley West Midlands

Ive never been the type to push myself forward or shout about my talents but I want to make a change in 2017 and really and truly believe in myself. So Im sharing my page with you so you can all see just how I can help you capture the important times on your life and treasure the forever in tangible art work.

Not everyone gets newborn photography, until they see it. Until they see those gorgeously detailed images that show those perfect eyelashes, that gorgeous velvety skin and those scrumptious baby wrinkles. The tiny toes and itsy bitsy fingers.

But, its not just that....its remembering how you felt the minute you held her, how bewildered you felt the first time you bought him home and thought "how on earth do you do is?", the first time they made that little sound they make when they cant quite cry yet, they way they instinctively hold onto your finger as they feed......they are all the precious moments that will come to mind in 5 or 10 years time when you look at your newborn images.

So if you've just had a baby or are expecting a baby, get in touch...its not as expensive or hard work as you think...I do all the work for you, you just get a couple of hours to sit down and relax (and believe me thats worth it!)

I promise you'll never ever regret it xxx