Cake Smash Photographer, Dudley, West Midlands

It's been a whole year. You've made it. You got through and you have probably slept at least a couple of times this week. Now those newborn days are a fond memory and running out of breast pads type worries are replaced with baby proofing the fireplace worries. Everything has a lock on it...even the toilet. Anything you have ever valued in your entire life is now reachable at waist height, the trouble is you spend 95% of your waking hours crawling around the floor following the pint sized jungle explorer that is now leading a revolution round the carpet. There are no sharp corners none.....not anywhere and there isn't a door in the house that doesn't have a gate on it. No food you ever eat from dawn till dusk is your own, it must be shared and going to the toilet lone is a thing of the past.

But still you celebrate cos you made it through a whole year. She is alive, you are alive! Yay! So now a whole new level of fun has begun what better way to celebrate it than undoing all that hard work you have done in stopping your little bundle from launching their lunch off the high chair in repetitive military style, than sitting them infant of a giant cake and asking them the obliterate it.


Hehe...really and truly it is one of the cutest and most fun things you can do with a one year old and its is one of my favourite kind of photoshoots. get to make a s much mess as you like and I get to clean it up! Winner!

The moment this beautiful little girl arrived she was smiles galore and doesn't it just show. Im so glad we got to capture this wonderful time in a gorgeous little ladies life...even if it is only so mummy can tease her on her wedding day with those precious little chubby cheeks and a face full of cake!


And don't get me started on the cuteness that unfolded during her splash time session! Such fun!


If you would like to book in for a cake smash and would like it to coincide with your littleness birthday or nearby date then get in touch at least 6-8 weeks before to guarantee the required date.