Another What Shall I Wear Post!

A few days ago I asked you what i should wear to an afternoon at the The Ritz (juries still out on that one) but I get asked a LOT, what should my child wear for a photoshoot? Now on the whole I have the perfect answer to that which is let me decide. uI have a plethora of handmade one off vintage items that we can play dress up with and my clothing rails are bursting at the seems with options.


But, some people still like to add a bit of their own flavour to a session which is absolutely fine too.
I love frills, frills and bows and beautiful fabrics. Which is great when you know lovely lady in the industry. Dressing up my own two daughters is a thrill and I love to see them adorned with layers of tulle and lace and all these textures work fabulously on a photoshoot.

A friend of mine as i mentioned runs the amazing boutique that is Baby Bonitos. Inside there is an Aladdin's cave of baby and children clothes bursting to the seems with gorgeous floral fabrics, and beautiful lace and satin embellishments. Their clothing choices are perfection when placed next to my hand selected vintage one off props.

Have a look thorough their amazing Facebook page for lots of ideas. If you are ever in doubt as to what to dress your little ones in for a session just get in touch. If you have a vision we will try and find the best way, but trust me, I always have a vision!