My Camera Family Tree

I take a lot of photos! No brainer right?

So every now and again my camera just about wears out and I have to buy a new one to keep everything super ship shape and Bristol fashion. HAVE to!!! (and ok a teeny weeny bit want to, I admit it, there I said it, my names Emma and I'm a cameraholic)

When I looked back recent at the different cameras I have owned, some I don't have anymore, some are upgraded versions of ones that were broken and replaced, I could see my camera collection looked like a little family tree of photographic equipment.

Some cameras and lenses I'd bought at a set, some I'd bought separately and used on various models. But it reminded me of when I bought my very first proper big girl camera. My trusty Canon 400D. An elderly relative in the family had sadly passed away and a small sum of money came my way. I wanted to use it for something that would make a difference to my family life. I had just had my first son and although at the time a few hundred pounds was silly huge amounts of money to me I decided that having a good camera to document the life of my child was going to benefit my family. Little did I know what buying that first DSLR camera would lead on to.

My son is 10 years old now, soon to be 11 and my camera collection has progressed somewhat through taking that first entry level camera and becoming a business owner. Now my son is less willing to be photographed. In fact he is rather reminiscent of that famous Harry Enfield teenager sketch! But I have those precious memories and have been blessed enough to build a future for my family out of it too!

Photographs are precious, don't forget to always shoot the little things, the boring, the funny, the milestones...the lot!!