Welcome to the Studio

So, you've been coming here to my lovely blog for a while, isn't it about time I invited you inside for a poke around and a cuppa? Well the kettles on so come in, make yourself comfy and grab a biscuit. I'd love to show you around one of my favourite spaces on earth. My studio!

So I moved into my current space in January 2016. In November 2016 it was not half as pretty. My family helped me turn it from a very uninviting space to a tranquil and peaceful haven in the heart of Goral village. A jewell in the crown if you will. I love Goral, its where I was born and bred and I was super happy to acquire a space right in the centre of it.

Here is a little video taken last year of me at work but shows my beautiful workspace. I'd absolutely love for you to come experience it for yourself.