I'm Emma, thats me above. There's not many photos of me because I'm always behind the camera!

As a Mum to three insanely feisty, intelligent, crazy children I know how important it is to document those memories. I am, as you would expect the go to Mum in the playground for photos of sports day, school assemblies and of course everyones birthdays. Us parents just want to retain as much as we can of all those milestones and if you're like me your brain can only hold so much. 

Having memories on my walls is what makes my day that bit brighter and that is what I want to do for you.

So thats why I do what I do.

So what about me? Well Im just a feisty and crazy as the kids (I'll leave the intelligence to them hehe) I love gorgeous handbags, anything glittery and chocolate. My friends say I never stop singing and when I am concentrating I pull funny faces. Of course, my camera is an extension of my arm, its never far away and has come in very handy as I have crafted my talent since I was 11 years old.


I am a huge geek much to my husbands delight as we share a love of all things technological and both love taking things apart and working out how any why they work...Im very grateful that I have my own live in computer technician!


All of this has led me to be where I am today in my pursuit of becoming the Fine Art portrait photographer that I am today. With the guidance of some of the countries leading photgraphers in newborn photography I am now well established as one of the leading Fine Art baby and child portrait photographers in the Dudley area and am proud to have been accepted as a member of the Guild of Photographers and the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

But don't just take my word for it, take a look at the video below which shows me in action and your first glimpse of my tranquil studio. 

I cant wait to meet you and all of your beautiful little ones.